SUPERSONIC – Permanent Magnetic Lifter

  Heavy-Duty Lifter (Maintenance free)

Functions of heavy-duty holding, transporting and releasing flat or round ferrous objects.
Small, powerful, safe, convenient, and the most economic tool.
Powerful permanent magnet technology requires no energy source.
Easy operation with an ON/OFF switch has a locking device at the ON position to keep full magnetic pull power and releases the magnetic power by manually turning the switch to the OFF position to eliminate accident.



Model Lifting capacity Min. thickness required Lifting capacity Max. diameter
Unit Flat steel (kg) (mm) Round steel (kg) (mm)
SC-100 100 15 40 150
SC-200 200 20 80 200
SC-300 300 25 120 250
SC-600 600 30 240 350
SC-1000 1000 40 400 450
SC-2000 2000 55 800 550
Model Max. length L W H Handle Net weight
Unit (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
SC-100 1000 92 62 67 126 3
SC-200 1200 132 80 84 145 7.5
SC-300 1500 162 92 91 155 10
SC-600 2000 232 122 117 196 24
SC-1000 2500 258 176 163 285 60
SC-2000 3000 378 234 212 426 125
Warning: The lifting capacity may be reduced due to the thickness, the air gap, the carbon composition, the temperature, the roughness of the surface, and the shape of the objects... etc. Operators must test and be sure the working condition is safe before operating. Supersonic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any injury that is caused by any wrong operations or any adverse lifting conditions.
      Safety Margin Factor (SMF):3.5
  The safety margin factor is 3.5, which means the actual testing load is 3.5 times more than the lifting capacity. For instance, the capacity of SC-1000 is 1000kg, but the actual testing load is 3500kg. The SMF protects an operator to against adverse lifting conditions that reduce the actual lifting performance.
      Adverse Lifting Conditions
  If the component is made of alloy steel.
  If the surface is painted, rusty or uneven.
  If the component is thinner than the thickness specified or the diameter is bigger than the diameter specified, significant lifting power will be lost.
  If the temperature is above 80°C , the lifting power will be lost.
      Holding Power VS. Object Thickness
  Bulk Lifter  (Taiwan Patent No. M 271625
  Functions of picking up and moving any small metal objects to a desired location.
  A functional, convenient, and economy tool that prevents injury from sharp metal objects.
  Light weight (0.5kg), small (92mm x 60mmx 165mm), powerful (3kgf / 6.61lbs), and easy-to-use.



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